Writing on Sensemaking

Navigating Complexity: It’s NOT Complicated

To lead in a complex operating context, leaders must sense, learn, and respond; track assumptions and unknowns; identify patterns; develop insights; and discover high-leverage progression paths.

How to Fly the Complexity Chasm

Successfully navigating a complex operating context is dependent on synthesizing multiple diverse perspectives in order to develop a collective holistic appreciation for what is actually going on.

Productive versus Generative Learning

Productive learning is about helping people find out something that is already known. Generative learning,

on the other hand, is about figuring out something we do not yet understand.

The Final Frontier Between our Ears

Next generation leaders must work on the space between their ears to become Precise Perceivers, Subtle Sensemakers and Careful Choreographers.

In Search of Collective Insight

How do we make sense of the liminal space where we’re caught between pining nostalgically for a past we know will never return and feeling overwhelmed with fear about a future that looks much more bleak than it does bright?

Overcoming Paradigm Paralysis

To successfully navigate paradigm shifts we must have the courage to let go of what we know, the confidence to step up to what we don’t and the confidence to hold on as we make the shift.

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