Writing on Transformation

From Transformation Insanity to Enterprise Instancy

In this new world of discontinuous jerk, change is baked into the synthetic digital ecosystem itself, and it is giving off tensions and tradeoffs that must be dealt with in real time, all the time.

Learning from Experience

To move from organizational insanity to enterprise instancy, leaders must break existing orthodoxies by engaging the organization in experiences that reframe its limiting beliefs and change its restrictive behavior.

Changing the Way We Change

Removing the resistive forces to change by reducing learning anxiety is the key to unlocking the discretionary effort of your people to maintain the viability and vibrancy of your business.

The Leadership 2.0 Challenge

To avoid extinction in an environment where the only constant is change, the primary purpose of leadership is to ensure that their organizations become more responsive to market shifts, more resilient to unpredicted technological disruptions, and more adaptive to unforeseen deviations from expected norms.

What’s Your Story? 

In examining collective human efforts that have changed the world, some clear patterns emerge. Most important among them is the recognition that successful transformation efforts invariably begin with a clear and compelling change narrative.

Enabling Organization “Response-Ability” to Change

To overcome the cultural orthodoxy that is suffocating organizational “response-ability” today, leaders must focus on the people side of change.

Change or Die

Successful organization transformation requires an empathic, people-centered approach to change that nurtures a culture of aspiration, alignment, autonomy and accountability.

Shall We Dance?

Successful organization transformation requires that we put the “emotional horse” back in front of the “tangible” cart.

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