This powerful business allegory distills the authors’ two decades working in academic research and creative practice. Read it in an hour and you’ll have everything you need to lead change and transform your organization into a responsive, reliant and adaptive digital enterprise.

Understanding the impact that 3D environments, virtual worlds, and immersive learning spaces will have on society, business and learning is a challenge. Learning in 3D empowers forward thinking executives, managers, faculty members and training professionals to design, develop and collaborate in the rapidly emerging field of 3D immersive environments.

Training, along with its counterparts in Organizational Development and Human Resource Development, must develop a shared mindset to create a boundaryless organization that enables generative learning to deal with rapid change through the development of human performance. Achieving Desired Performance provides an in-depth research base to validate the need to reinvent the corporate training function and it prescribes a clear path to make the transition from training to performance.

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