Tony is a frequently invited speaker at both corporate and academic conferences. He has been a keynote speaker, workshop leader, moderator, speaker, and panelist at over 200 national and international conferences sharing his insights and experience in the following areas:

  • Strategy: Why organizations must develop dynamic strategy design and delivery capabilities that cultivate a perpetual state of readiness for the unexpected and what is required to build these capabilities. 
  • Technology: How the exponential evolution of technology is disrupting our existing societal, political, and economic institutions and what must be done to address this increasingly existential challenge. 
  • Organization: Why organizations must develop the capacity for response-ability and what they must do to overcome ingrained cultural orthodoxies that cause responsiveness lag.
  • Transformation: Why most organization transformation efforts fail and how adopting a people-centered approach can dramatically improve the success rate of organization change efforts.
  • Leadership: Why leadership must be reimagined as a system of dynamic networked relationships and what is required to develop and activate such a leadership system.
  • Learning: Why generative learning is the key to organization survival and renewal and what is required to enable this form of learning within organizations. 
  • Sensemaking: Why we must develop more systemic sensemaking capabilities to navigate the increasing connectivity and compounding complexity in our world today and what is required to cultivate these sense-making capabilities.








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