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Building a Humanchine Interface

While machines do not yet have the capability to imagine as we humans do, they are already better than us at identifying patterns and generating novel insights from the vast and growing expanse of data that surrounds us. 

Sudden Singularity 

Here we have a silicon-based neural network that applied a deep learning algorithm to find a new and novel way to solve one of humanity’s most complex games and it did so in less than a week!

Lighting and Leading the Way

Since the introduction of the Mosaic browser in 1993, the Internet and its social and mobile cousins have woven the Web into a digital nervous system that is connecting every person and thing on this planet at the speed of light. 

Learning to Lead on Purpose

Breakthroughs in technology are driving disruptive innovations that, in turn, are amplifying the positive and negative aspects of forward progress at a pace and scale the world is hard-pressed to understand.

Leadership as a System: Circumventing the VUCA Vortex

Today’s synthetic digital ecosystem is evolving at a third derivative rate of change that physicists appropriately term “jerk.”  We have reached an inflection point in history where technology is literally jerking humanity around.

Lessons from a World Class Sprinter
Today’s global business environment is powered by an ever-expanding digital network that is continuously reconfiguring how organizations coordinate, connect, communicate, collaborate, and take collective action

Digital Darwinism

Humanity finds itself experiencing a digital divide of a different kind: technology is proliferating, data is exploding, time is compressing, and change is evolving.  As this era of digital Darwinism advances, our collective ability to learn to cope with the magnitude of change it throws off in its wake becomes increasingly critical.

Here Comes the Immernet

The transformation of the Internet from being a static, one-way conduit of information to becoming a three-dimensional virtual immersive environment within which people connect, work, play, and learn will be sweeping and substantial.

To Advance Humanity, We Must Retool Tech

The internet we once accessed to seek information and connection has evolved into a pervasive “immernet” that tracks our every move. We’re living in a digital ecosystem of our own making. Our behavior is constantly being analyzed, tuned and optimized so others can command our attention and control our consumption.

The Promise and Peril of AI

Will AI provide us with a Jetson-like lifestyle where the drudgery of work is eliminated by technology or will we end up engaged in a war with Terminator-like robots in order to preserve our very humanity?

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